Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Video: Shark?-I've Got Friends

The people behind Shark? have just released their first video ever. It's for "I've Got Friends" of their first EP Fear!, and is exactly as goofy as you think it would be.

As an added reminder the EP, along with everything else the band has released, can be found and downloaded for free on their bandcamp page here. Also the band has some new New York tour dates lined up, so you can now see them and ask them what the video is about.

Tour Dates:

Thursday, April 8th @ Canal Room (Hall And Oates Cover Show)
Friday, April 9th @ Danger Danger Gallery, Philidelphia (w/ Dinosaur Feathers)
Saturday, April 10th @ Union Hall, Brooklyn (w/ Dinosaur Feathers)
Sunday, April 11th @ Glasslands, Brooklyn (w/ Sundelles, Dream Diary, Lil Daggers)
Saturday, April 17th @ Bruar Falls, Brooklyn (w/ Electric Tickle Machine)
Saturday, April 24th @ Party Expo, Brooklyn (Afternoon BBQ Show)
Friday, April 20th @ Cake Shop, Manhattan (w/ She Keeps Bees, Spanish Prisoners, Racoon Fighter)


Shark? on Myspace

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