Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SXSW 2010: Cloud Nothings at Cheer Up Charlie's (3/17/10)

In pure contrast, Cloud Nothings played a new perfect set. Setting up in only 7 minutes, Dylan and Co. blasted through a very tight set, cramming in as much of their great fuzzed out indie rock as humanly possible in a 30 minute set. Despite Dylan being only 18 (still mind blowing for me), the band was a well oiled machine, going through this stuff as if they had already played them 50 times, while really this was only about their 13th show. It was Turning On heavy which was no problem with me. "Can't Stay Awake" and "Hey Cool Kid" worked great live, with everyone playing with tons of energy and they had one of the most frantic drums I have ever seen. The band even snuck some new songs as well into the set. Closer "Turning On" caused the band to go semi-Beach Boys, with all the members hitting perfect harmonies. Definitely on hell of a night closer.

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