Saturday, April 10, 2010

SXSW 2010: Ray Davies @ La Zona Rosa (3/18/10)

(All photos via Club Kingsnake)

I know SXSW is about seeing new bands you’ve never heard of and that superstars should not really be attend the festival. That for every amount of time you spend trying to see some band you know that your not seeing an unknown band that could be equally as mind blowing. But damn it, you do not pass up seeing Ray fucking Davies in a small venue, acoustic for crying out loud?! This is the guy that every indie band front-man wants to be, and all legends wish they could age as gracefully as this guy did. Just him and Bill Shanley on guitar for the majority of the show, yet it was so magical. Hearing “Dedicated Follower of Fashion” or “Victoria” live just sends shivers down your spine. The man was filled with wonderful dry wit and even included a small tribute to fellow New Orleans towns mate Alex Chilton. Then, he goes and gets a full band with The 88 and he was still great, for “You Really Got Me” and “Lola” never get old. This show was awesome, end of story.

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