Monday, December 12, 2011

Nima: Demon+Wet Dream Cassette

While desperately looking for some music to accompany my sleepless night last night, I stumbled upon an old cassette I had received from Kevin from Bridgetown Records. It was by an artist called Nima and was a compilation of sorts of some of her previous releases, properly dubbed Demon + Wet Dream. The music is utterly simple: various synths, a busted and lo-fi drum machine that booms and pounds throughout, and Nima’s frail voice to accompany all of it. It’s also incredibly haunting and beautiful music. Nima bends her various synths to near Microphone’s levels of build up, making them sounds almost like celestial organs. Not to mention Nima’s voice is so wispy and lovely, at times it seems she’s not sure if she’s even speaking the right language the voice seems so lost. A little akin to Youth Lagoon, but suplimente the gloriouse build up of each song with lo-fi. This is music to soundtrack the background of the snowy winter scene of an indie flick.


Nima on Bandcamp
The tape is sold out, but can be aquired through Rok Lok Distribution