Friday, April 2, 2010

This Week In Fuzz and Lo-Fi

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two years, you have noticed that just about every other new artist has a lo-fi quality to them these days. Some use it to make really pretty sounds, (a la Woods, Twin Sister, and Real Estate), while others use it really catchy noisey pop or rock (a la King Tuff, Cloud Nothings, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart). And while everyone seems to be growing a little tired with the latter and listening more to the former, I still love all the mess of guitar screaches and one-take songs that are popping up everywhere. That is why this post is up, to show you some of the great tracks that might have been missed in your post-SXSW state. They will stick in your headphones for weeks, and then your brain for months.

OK, chances are you didn't miss this one. Posted on both by Weekly Tape Deck and Pitchfork and probably a bunch of other blogs as well, and for good reason as well. A duo of Alexander and Daniel, they sound like a mix of Frat Dad and caUSE-coMotion! Simple, straight forward lo-fi garage pop that actually sounds original not only with the sound, but with the random keyboard and ooohs and ahhhs too. They have a four song demo up on their Band Camp page for free and is definitely not be missed. There's little on these guys now but at this rate, expect a lot soon.

(mp3) Slow Animal-Sanity


Slow Animal on Myspace
Slow Animal's Bandcamp

Get Off The Coast is the source for every new and great lo-fi band under the sun. Case in point, this new tune from Mount McKinley. I had never heard of this New Jersey duo (I'm noticing a trend) until GOTC, but I really thank them for it. The tune "Backslide" sounds like a louder and at the same time softer version of "Rockers East Vancouver". They sound great and apparently have an EP out already called Evasion out and are working on a full length of some sort as well. If anyone has any info on either of these releases, please let me know!

(mp3) Mount McKinley-Backslider


Mount McKinley on Myspace

And finally we have this little tune from L.A. one-man project Rraaillss (really band name, I swear). First time getting a good tune in my inbox, and something I'm really love too. It sounds like a guy singing for the Dum Dum Girls or maybe a speedier version of Lush. Still, that is all meant in the best way and I can't wait to hear more from this guy. He also has a 4 song demo up on Bandcamp too that I would highly recommend. He also has two albums in the work too, so I will let you know when those come to fruition.

(mp3) Rraaiillss-Red Sting


Rraaiills on Myspace
Rraaiillss on Bandcamp

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