Monday, April 19, 2010

Record Store Day: A Day in Review

Ah, Record Store Day. A day for music lovers (i.e. record nerds) where they can go to their favorite record shop to snatch up really neat exclusive singles and LPs put out by our favorite indie labels and bands, and a-holes go to make a ton of money on eBay. This being the third one, it was the biggest one yet and the most insane one as well. Here's how mine broke down.

8:00 A.M.-Wake up extremely early so I can mange to get to my record store on time. It doesn't open until 10:00 A.M.

9:20 A.M.-Arrive at Waterloo Record, my record shop of choice. Notice that there are already 20-30 people in line. Don't want to see what it looks like next year.

9:35 A.M.-Begin format debate with people in front of me. Say I love CDs and cassettes as much a vinyl. People in front begin to laugh hysterically.

10:00 A.M.-Doors finally open. Mad dash inside ensues.

10:02 A.M.-Being to madly grab at almost everything around me to make sure nothing is missed.

10:03 A.M.-Mass chaos in full effect already. Poor set up in shop causes massive vinyl fallings and some foot crushing of vinyl as well.

10:06 A.M.-Crowd around singles corner to try to get remaining vinyl. Store employee trapped by shoppers trying to get more singles from the box he has. Attempt to help pass them out to people who want them. More vinyl falls occur.

10:11 A.M.-Come to realization it is actually very unpleasant to be surround by 50+ people in two 10x3 halls trying to get the same exact thing you want.

10:25 A.M.-Get in line to pay for haul. Notice friends with huge stacks of vinyl swapping with each other so they can all get a copy. Hope they're not doing it for eBay.

10:55 A.M.-Still in line.

11:10 A.M.-Still in line.

11:20 A.M.-Finally pay. Get really cool Record Store Day bag too. Of course, it's pouring at this point as well.

11:30 A.M.-Sit down at diner next door to finally start eating my breakfast.

5:00 P.M.-Get home at last to listen to records. Upon listening to them, very happy to know the whole experience was worth it.

5:30 P.M.-Foolishly check eBay to see if the records are already on sale. They are and try to hold back gag reflex at the prices.

5:45 P.M.-Finish day by watching Record Store Day DVD I Need That Record! The Death (or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store, a great if slightly depressing documentary about independent record shops and their current state. Highly recommended.

The Haul:
Built to Spill-Water Sleeper 7"
Dum Dum Girls/Male Bonding split 7"
Fucked Up-"Waterloo" 7"
Happy Birthday-"Shampoo" b/w "Aliens" 7"
Let's Wrestle/The Love Language split 7"
The Rolling Stones-Plunder My Soul 7"
Superchunk-signed "Misfits and Mistakes" 7"
Surfer Blood/Holiday Shores split 7"
Beastie Boys-Super Special Record Store Day 12"
Pavement-Quarantine the Past 2xLPs (Record Store Day Version)

Long Live record stores and Record Store Day!