Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Song: Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks or Coconuts

Jacuzzi Boys are a Florida band that plays really catchy, guitar jangle, 60's influenced style garage songs that... hey come back here! Trust me, I know you've read a post like this a million times else where over the course of a year, but this stuff is just ecstasy. As I was saying, the band sounds like a slightly more scuzzier White Wires which is great thing if you don't know. They released a raved about LP last year on FDying that I've been meaning to get for a long time. Now the band is going to release their latest single on Mexican Summer some time in mid-May and Weekly Tape Deck was able to snag the A side "Bricks or Coconuts". Download it and escape into the guitar based bliss.

(mp3) Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks or Cocounts (via Weekly Tape Deck)


Jacuzzi Boys on Myspace
Pre-order the single soon here, at Mexican Summer

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