Monday, April 5, 2010

SXSW 2010: YellowFever at the French Legation Museum (3/18/10)

I broke down and saw YellowFever again while waiting for Dum Dum Girls to come on. Thankfully, the band hadn't lost a thing from when I saw then open for Ponytail. Down to a two-piece, it was a very eclectic set, with the singer/guitarist going between her guitar and keyboard while the drum played a crazy kit that I think included a clay pot and a synthetic bass machine as well. It was a lot more fun, now that I knew all the band's tunes and they did seem to be a little more tighter even with only two people and even though their music had that post-punk vibe to it, the band still managed to give a good set. Maybe not the best of SXSW, but still a good one.

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