Thursday, April 8, 2010

SXSW 2010: Hunx and His Punkettes @ Cheer Up Charlie's (3/18/10)

This show was cheeky has hell. No, I'm not just describing Hunx as he shock his ass in tight plastic pants during the set. What other band I ask, has the lead singer dressed up half in drag, with a 4 female back-up band dressed up as 60's style waitresses while they play some of thee most infects and gay power-pop bubblegum punk around? None, that's how many. The thing is, as much the show was a spectacle and the music is suppose to be quirky, when you get down to it is really well crafted pop, even if it is being sung by someone in a sailor hat and lipstick. The drum was tight as hell, the girls added stellar harmonies and guitar, and Hunx was great, hitting on the crowd and asking them when they first had sex. Hunx threw on a show if I've ever seen one.

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