Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SXSW 2010: Dum Dum Girls at the French Legation Museum (3/18/10)

The Dum Dum Girls' set was, weirdly, both a good and bad one. The band was tight, which is always something you want when you see a new band performing (usually). The songs were catchy, you sang along, and the band threw one out after another. But something was off during the whole set. There's a vibe I know the band tries to give to people when they see them. One that is both sweet (in the case of the love songs and catchiness) and dark and gritty (in the case of their look and noisy parts of the songs), and the latter did not work during this set. It was probably due to the band, who usually play dark clubs, were playing in broad day light in a big tent. So the whole thing was thrown off kilter. It wasn't a bad set or the band's fault, just that they work best in dingier places.

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