Wednesday, April 28, 2010

City Center at The Mohawk (4/24/10)

I owe a debt of thanks to Tom from The Great Pumpkin for this show. Due to his constant blogging on City Center, I have become a bigger and bigger fan of them and was ecstatic to be able to catch them that this year's Austin Psych Fest (unfortunately the only band I got to see as well). Still, the set was incredible for only two guys from Brooklyn. There was an Animal Collective feel to the show and sound with the guys constantly fiddling with all of their electronics and sound boards. Thankfully though, the whole set was not just two guys tinkering with knobs the entire time. They were pros with their songs, managing to bring the soundscapes to life on stage, louder and supercharged with Fred & Ryan's respective guitar and drum playing. Even though they had to cut it short to get to a show in Denton, it was still pitch perfect.

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