Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Funny/Not Funny Records Summer Mixtape

Go figure. A few days after posing about their upcoming Andrew Cedermark release, Funny/Not Funny Records releases a mixtape for their internet audience. Like most mixtapes these days from labels, it's a free digital release of a bunch of Funny/Not Funny songs from both releases present and future. It's great and free so no excuses for not getting into this cool rising label.

Download it Here

Track Listing:

1. Invisible Hands-I Want to Win
2. John Hostetter-Medusa
3. Borrowed Beam of Light-Kids Are Great!
4. Elephant Child-Garbage Man
5. My Mind-You're My Father
6. The Alphabet-Repeat
7. Order-G Minor
8. Whatever Brains-Nesting
9. Andrew Cedermark-From Memory
10. Ben Schlabach-College Home
11. Matt Leach-Corridor
12. Drunk Tigers-Lessons,Hurricane

(A note to does who can play the mixtape: The label has said it will release it again in another format soon. When this goes up, it will be sure to be published).


Funny/Not Funny Records

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