Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cassette Review: Welcome Home/Diggin' the Universe-A Woodsist Compilation

The creation of a great compilation, even a good compilation, is seldom an easy thing to pull off. The comp. has to hold your entire attention, even as it's jumping from one band to another, or a song you've heard before. To avoid this, the compilation usually is based around similar sounding bands so the flow works out. To do a comp. based around one label is a very tricky matter. Luckily, Welcome Home/Diggin' the Universe is an awesome compilation that actually makes you want to hear it again and again.

Welcome Home/Diggin' the Universe works for two reasons. First, because Woodsist has such a diverse rooster, even if one song is unappealing , chances are the next one won't be. Second, everything on this compilation, except for one song, are unreleased, so you are truly getting the complete package with this release.

Of course, any compilation is built on the quality of the songs, and just because these songs are unreleased doesn't mean they are bad. In fact, everything is pretty much great here. It opens with a nice acoustic tune from the label head's own Woods and the vibe is continued by rising blog star Run DMT with "Richard" a washed out folk tune. A weird vibe of garage-y rock is hit a la the White Fence, Fresh and Onlys, and Mantles tunes which hit back to back very nicely. It then goes back to a quiet side with a song by Skygreen Leopards and a cool demo version of Alex Bleeker's "Getting By". Side B gets drony, first with a long, spacey jam from Moon Duo, then with City Center's cover of the Grateful Dead's "Box of Rain", who by some miracle manage to make the Dead sound good. A pallet cleanser is put in place with some indie rock, a la caUSE co-MOTION! C86 guitar pop, Art Museums' long lost Guided by Vocies style tune, and a new song by the post Pavement buzz that is Nodzzz. Then a nice quiet little instrumental is provided by Ducktails to close everything out.

It has been rare to every recommend a compilation, but Welcome Home/Diggin' the Universe pulls it off in a way that others just haven't. if you have wanted to check out the Woodsist scene, or even one of these bands, this is the perfect place to start. this compilation has introduced me to many bands I want to check out more, which is the best thing a compilation can do. A LP version of this is available, but the cassette version is recommended for that "mix tape created by your cool, hip friend" vibe.

(mp3) Woods-I'm Not Gone
(mp3) White Fence-The Love Between


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Palm Yard Make Nice Fuzz

Palm Yard is a great shitgaze (read: not lo-fi) band out of Santa Cruz. A while back they put out a cool 11 song demo/cassette/album called Craft Night for 1019 Records. All the tracks are giant fuzzy rackets, played on the world's worst instruments, all done on the first take, and done so that you have to stick your head next to the speaker if you want to make out the vocals. They are most akin to Times New Viking, but only if you removed their pop sensibilities. Loud, scuzzy and a very cool release. You can grab a physical demo from the band and label, or download the whole thing from their Bandcamp page.

(mp3) Palm Yard-Green 18
(mp3) Palm Yard-Purple Haze


Palm Yard on Myspace
Palm Yard on Bandcamp
Buy Craft Night here, at 1019 Records

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Song: Oberhofer-o0O0o0O0o

Oberhofer is the musical project of Brad Oberhofer, who since last fall has been making a lot of noise through out the indie blog world. Understandably, considering how insanely good his indie infused pop song are. Even more impressive is he’s only 19! Along with Cloud Nothings, this is in the same vein of catchy guitar based indie-pop. It’s lo-fi, but clean at the same time, and I’m loving every second of it. He’s just about to drop his first “pro” release, a 7" that he is self-releasing into the world on August 3. The A-side “o0O0o0O0o” is an addictive slice of summer time bliss wrapped in a sugar and the world’s best course. Keep an eye on this kid.

(mp3) Oberhofer-o0O0o0O0o (via Subservient Experiment)


Oberhofer on Myspace
Pre-order the o0O0o0O0o 7" here, from Insound

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Single Review:Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks or Coconuts

If anyone remembers, a few months ago I was blabbering on about a new, insanely catchy Jacuzzi Boys song. I also mentioned how that song would be appearing soon on a brand new single on Mexican Summer. Well now that single has arrived, and it is a perfect wax slab of jangly guitar, garage/power-pop perfection.

"Bricks or Coconuts" is still the same incredible song that it was when it debuted a short time ago. The way Gabriel's guitar and weird, off-kilter voice synch up is unreal. It is the definition of what an A-side should be. The B-sides are quirkier and equally as great, letting the band showcase their punkier roots. "Freakazoids" matches its name exactly, built on a feedback riff, it's a mess of a song that works in a way that shouldn't. "Sing Along" has nice British style post-punk feel to it that's quite neat, especially the way the Jacuzzi Boys filter it.

If there was ever a starting point to check out a band, this single might be it. These songs will float through your skull for days, and you will love every second of it.

(mp3) Jacuzzi Boys-Bricks or Coconuts
On a small side note, the venerable Burger Records has just put out the Jacuzzi Boys' debut LP No Seasons out on cassette recently with a bonus song to boot. For those who have want to check it out (which should be everybody), check it out here.


Jacuzzi Boys on Myspace
Get the Bricks or Coconuts 7 inch here, from Mexican Summer Records

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Magic Kids Announce Memphis+New Song

I was stoked beyond belief when I came across this news. Magic Kids have announced their debut album, titled Memphis of course, which will be out on True Panther Sounds on August 24. Along with the release info, there was also the cover art, track list, and the release of the new song “Summer”. A bit more restrained than what we usually hear from Magic Kids, it’s still a wonderfully gooey ball of a perfect pop song, and the purest example of a song for the season. If this doesn't get you to go see them on their upcoming summer tour with not only Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti but Puro Instinct (formally Pearl Harbour) too, please have the portion of your brain that experiences beauty examined ASAP.

(mp3) Magic Kids-Summer (via Pitchfork)


01 Phone Song
02 Candy
03 Superball
04 Hideout
05 Summer
06 Hey Boy
07 Good to Be
08 Skateland
09 Sailing
10 Radio
11 Cry With Me Baby


Magic Kids on Myspace
Pre-order Memphis here, at True Panther Sound

Friday, June 18, 2010

Live Concert Review: International Waters/Cry Apache Blood/Voxtrot @ Emo's 6/3/10

"It's a brand new era" as Pavement once said. Truly, does were the words that echoed the feel of the entire night. After such a prolonged silence, Voxtrot appeared with a farewell letter, a handful of tour dates, and one last single. Thankfully, the band was kind enough to include an Austin date in there and the town was able to do one last hurrah for them.

After waiting in a line that stretched around the block of the club, the show opened with a short and sweet set from International Waters. Made up of the guitarist and road manger of Voxtrot and a few other members, put on a good show for their 40 minute set. It was filled with a nervous energy a la indie rock vibe, with a touch of Surfer Blood and Fergus and Geronimo thrown in. While not the most original band out there, and the set definitely could have done with out the slow number near the end, it was enjoyable and there were sparks of energy and style the band to be seen.

The same kind words, or any for that matter, can be said for Cry Apache Blood. Usually one or two decent things can be said about a band of any form, but sorry Cry Apache Blood were just complete crap. Pure and utter noise, but not in a noise or No Wave band way. No, this was just three guys on guitar, bass, the loudest drum machine ever, and what could pass as vocals all played as randomly, as loud, and as annoying as humanly possible. I'd go more in detail on how they caused my ears to bleed, but the less that is mentioned about this band, the better.

Thankfully, Voxtrot came to the rescue and put on a spectacular show. For a band that would be leaving the musical world behind, the band acted and performed at the top of their game. Maybe it was the fact they were back home, the club was packed, and/or there was a group of girls standing up front screaming like they were at a boy band show, but cone Voxtrot hit the stage they were on fire. Ramesh Srivastava sang and played with a passion, as did the rest of the band. There was dancing, jumping, instruments in the air. The mic stand fell over twice and the lead singer of YellowFever sang with the band too. Mean while the crowd sung along to every word and more cellphones shot up then I thought could exist in one area. Then in an hour, even with the encore, the band was gone for good.

International Waters

Cry Apache Blood


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Superchunk 7 Inch, Tour Dates

All though I didn't cover it like I wanted to, I am more than excited about Superchunk's Majesty Shredding when it comes out this year on September 14. In the mean time, Superchunk has released the first single off that album (if you don't count last year's "Crossed Wires" 7 inch), "Digging for Something" which emulates all the greatness of both their past albums and what was showcased on their last two releases as well. In normal words, it sounds like another really, really catchy Superchunk song. No download is up, but a nice stream of the song can be heard over at Stereogum. The limited addition, numbered, and colored 7 inch will be released on July 13 b/w "February Punk". Also in more good Superchunk news, the band has added a few more tour dates as well for this year. Fingers crossed this snowballs into a full on tour.

Tour Dates:
6/19 Denver, CO – Westword Music Festival
6/20 Chicago, IL – Taste of Randolph Street Festival
7/24 Omaha, NE – MAHA Music Festival
9/17 Washington, DC- 930 Club
9/18 New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom
9/19 Brooklyn, NY- Music Hall of Williamsburg
9/20 New York, NY – Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
9/21 Boston, MA- Royale
9/22 Philadelphia, PA- Trocadero
10/13 Vancouver, BC – Venue Nightclub
10/14 Seattle, WA – The Showbox
10/15 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
10/19 Los Angeles, CA – The Music Box at Fonda


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mountain Man Announces "Sun Dog" 10" EP

The Vermont trio that is Mountain Man have been getting about every single person who reads a music blog geared up for their upcoming album full length LP Made the Harbor which comes out in only about a month's time on Partisan Records. However, on the same exact day (July 20 to be exact) Underwater Peoples will be releasing their own Mountain Man album that they have been promising for so long. Titled Sun Dog, it is a green, 10 inch EP that contains 5 alternative versions off their upcoming album. The pre-order went up today, so act fast because I know for a fact this will be gone very, very quick.

Sun Dog Track List:

A1 Honeybee
A2 Dog Song
A3 Animal Tracks
B1 Mouth Wings
B2 Soft Skin

Mountain Man Tour Dates:
Jul 13: Boston, MA TT the Bear's Place*
Jul 14: Northhampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall*
Jul 15: Toronto, ON El Mocambo*
Jul 16: Ann Arbor MI The Blind Pig*
Jul 17: Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall*
Jul 19: Madison, WI High Noon Saloon*
Jul 20: Minniapolis, MN Turf Club*
Aug 9: Toledo, OH Mickey Finn's^
Aug 10 Toronto, ON Horseshoe Tavern^
Aug 12 York, PA Capitol Theater^
Aug 13 Brooklyn, NY Rooftop Concert (Old American Can Factory)
Aug 14 North Adams, MA Solid Sound Festival
* w/ Bear in Heaven/Twin Sister
^ w/ Deer Tick


Mountain Man on Myspace
Mountain Man on Bandcamp
Pre-order Sun Dog here, at Underwater Peoples Records

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Video: Coasting-Kids

Coasting is a female duo of Madison on guitar and Fiona on drums, straight out of where else but Brooklyn. For the past few months, the duo has been every blogger's head with their post-punky lo-fi jams and sugar sweet vocals. Till now I've been a bit resistant to their charm, that is until I saw this just great stop motion video of their tune "Kids". With one view you will be sucked into this tune's world, crafted from a broken drum set and the world's cheapest guitar that put together come out sounding like fuzzy bliss.


Coasting On Myspace
Buy their triple A-side single here, at M'Lady Records

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Coast Announces "Crazy For You" Album Details

In order to (mildly) not look like a total fanatic when talking about the band, I wanted to wait until all the information was up before I started blabbing about Best Coast's debut LP. It will be called Crazy For You, and comes out June 27 on Mexican Summer. That's the very apt cover art above, featuring Bethany Cosention's cat on it too. The track list is below and this may be my, and possibly many other people's most anticipated album of the year.

Crazy For You Track List:

01 Boyfriend
02 Crazy for You
03 The End
04 Goodbye
05 Summer Mood
06 Our Deal
07 I Want To
08 When the Sun Don't Shine
09 Bratty B
10 Honey
11 Happy
12 Each and Everyday

The album also comes with a bonus track, last year's wonderful "When I'm With You" as well.


Best Coast on Myspace
Get the album soon here, from Mexican Summer

Owen Pallett Covers Guided By Voices' "Game of Pricks"

For the past few weeks, The AV Club has been doing and filming the Undercover series, which is based around the idea of getting a bunch of current artists and having them pick a song to cover from a list of songs by older bands. So when they got Owen Pallet into the studio, him choosing to cover Guided By Voices' legendary "Game of Pricks" probably wasn't what they were expecting. But truth be told Pallet is actually a pretty big Guided By Voices fan and despite the fact that their styles couldn't be more different, he does a very good, and original, cover.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Album Review: Ty Segall-Melted

What’s up with everyone growing up over at Goner Records? For those who don’t know, Melted is Ty Segall’s 3rd LP in three years, on top of the multiple singles he has released, full scale tours he’s mounted, and about 5 (no joke) other bands he either is playing or recording with. Still, despite all that output, this album will likely come as a bit of a shock for people expecting the same regular great garage rock from Ty Segall instead of something a little bit different from him.

The results of this LP are direct results of his last effort, Reverse Shark Attack. Reverse Shark Attack was an psych-tinged and reverb soaked mess of a record that Ty did with Mikal Cronin (of Charlie & the Moonhearts fame). So it should be no surprise that the creative process and influence of that album would come into play with Melted, in various forms. For instance, this is Segall’s most hi-fi release to date, letting us here every single one of his yelps and screams, though losing some of that much loved scrappiness of his. Also, a more varied instrumentation comes into play as well, like in psych guitar that makes of the core of the loud and great “My Sunshine”. An acoustic number “Caesar” is also placed in the album, but thankfully isn’t placed at the end of the album and even with its Kink’s vibe and keyboard riff at the end of it, it’s theses things that give it appeal and don’t make it stand out like a sour thumb. Of course, it’s not like Ty Segall has completely jumped shark from his sound. “Girlfriend”, “Sad Fuzz”, and “Mrs.” all have that blown out, garage sound that made everyone fall in love with Ty Segall in the first place. In fact newer styles actually work for Segall, like “Imaginary Person” which goes from acoustic intro to lost Jay Reatard song is an absolute standout. Just don’t be surprised by something like closer “Alone” guitar solo and slow pace, because in actuality it is a stellar slab of post-Pavement garage rock.

The whole album is a beautiful chunk of fuzzed out California shit rock from the mind of Ty Segall. After being slightly let down by Lemons, it was nice to hear not a return to form, but him being able to balance his garage sound with new elements. It may not be perfect, but that has never stopped Ty Segall before.

(mp3) Ty Segall-Caesar
(mp3) Ty Segall-My Sunshine


Ty Segall on Myspace
Buy Melted here, from Goner Records

Bands To Care About: Dead Gaze

I live in the South. Always have, and for some reason I have the sneaking suspicion that I stay here for quite some time. I bring this up because except for a few select areas, it in large part lacks any creativitiy or uniqueness to it, especially in music. Which is why I was so happy to stumble upon the music of Dead Gaze, the one man project of R. Cole Furlow who happens to making his music straight out of all places Mississippi.

The only possible way to describe the music of Dead Gaze is eclectic. He first started recorded the project in late 2008/early 2009 and introduced the world to his music through his The Pride of Calling Panther Lake LP which he released for free onto the webs. It was a strange and wonderful mix of glo-fi influenced but not glo-fi itself airy pop tunes cupeled with for straight ahead rock tunes which sounded like Ty Segall fronting the Apples in Stereo with the Flaming Lips producing. Suffice to say it was great. He then released the End of Days, Why Not You cassette earlier this year on the increasingly great Mirror Universe Tapes, an outstanding collection pulled from a bunch of his previous digital only release.

His next project is another tape, this time a split with Grey Things on the UK label Clan Destine Records. Some tracks from the cassette have already been out floating around the web and they are some of the most incredibly catchy of the year. I can only hope that you do the same and listen to the glory of something like "Remember What Brought Us Here", so you too are drawn into the incredible, fuzzed out and colorful world of Dead Gaze.

(mp3) Dead Gaze-I’m A Mess When Your Gone
(mp3) Dead Gaze-This Big World
(m4a) Dead Gaze-Remember What Brought Us Here


Dead Gaze On Myspace
Buy End of Days, Why Not You here, from Mirror Universe Records

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cloud Nothings-Didn't You 7"

The rate by which Dylan Baldi, AKA Cloud Nothings, release new music into the world is nothing short of Robert Pollard-ish, but thankfully we haven't hit the burnout level with Cloud Nothings. Case in point "Even If It Worked Out" , the B-side for his upcoming single on Old Flame Records out on June 24. It's snotty and tongue in cheek as hell, as well as letting the pop-punk influence of Cloud Nothings' shine a little more and add more of the vibe that was heard on the Morgan 7". Good stuff.

(mp3) Cloud Nothings-Even If It Worked Out

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Julian Lynch-Droplet On A Hot Stone 7"

In the series of bands that everyone one of my blog peers loves completely but I never seem to like (Taken By Trees, Washed Out, Twin Sister), one of the biggest that stood out was Mr. Julian Lynch. For whatever reason, the simple and delicate beauty of Julian Lynch's music never was able grab me in the way it did for other people. That was until a friend of mine sent over a copy of his Orange You Glad EP/LP and I really started paying attention to him. Now that I've heard the A-side "Droplet On A Hot Stone" on his upcoming Underwater Peoples' single, I'm convinced that every song this man crafts his just gold. The single is two songs from his debut Born2Run, on vinyl for the first time, along with a free CD-R of the whole album as well. It's goes out on June 21 and pre-orders are going on now. Also, as if anyone needed an extra reminder, Julian Lynch's second LP, Mare, is coming out later this summer on Olde English Spelling Bee.

(mp3) Julian Lynch-Droplet On A Hot Stone (via Gorilla Vs Bear)

Update: The B-side for this wonderful single has been releaed into the world as well. Please enjoy.