Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Song: Alex Bleeker-Getting By

Alex Bleeker is a man of many talents. Not only is he the bassist for chillwave easy going surf pop kings Real Estate, but he also manages to lead his side project Alex Bleeker and The Freaks with his Real Estate band mates in tow. For those who don't know, his 12" on Underwater Peoples is eight tracks of slow burning indie bliss. Now after a brief break, the man is back with a new single from Group Tightener called These Days, and thanks to the people over at CHOCOLATE BOBKA, we have the A-side to it. No idea what happened to The Freaks, but "Getting By" still follows the greatness of the 12" perfectly, in that it is another woozy, guitar and bass smoldering in reverb, early summer morning track. It's on sale right now, so grab it because Group Tightener's releases tend to sell faster than youy can say "Wow, that was a really great, Alex Bleeker song".



  1. I don't really think of Real Estate as "chill wave."

  2. Then what do you think chill wave is?