Friday, April 9, 2010

Single Review: The Babies-"Meet Me in the Ciy" b/w "Somebody Else

The Babies is a project you don't think should work. Members of Woods and Vivian Girls thrown together into a band seems like it would come out as a lo-fi mess. But with this single we have proof that it actually makes a very nice band. The folk elemnts of Woods have ceome more jangled and Cassie's vocals harmonize perfectly with Kevin's. Thake the tune that's beein every bloger's ear for the last 6 months "Meet Me in the City". What starts off sounding like simple weird folk-pop quickly metamorphicies into a shambolic lo-fi 60's tune. B side "somebody Else" actually does this formula even better, a dirty but sweet garage-pop track about emptiness in the bit city, with a stellar guitar solo to boot.

This is The Babies second single after their first on Wild World sold out (thanfully a repress is coming soon). It is very stark and minimalist, with nothing but the coverart and simple titles on the single. This is keeping up with the band putting out as little info about them as possible, despite how well publisised the members other bands are. Who knows why, but if they keep putting out tunes like these, I will keep buying.

(mp3) The Babies-Meet Me in the City


The Babies on Myspace
Buy the single here, at Make a Mess Records

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