Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Bloody Valentine-Good For You

To a certain extent the internet went bonkers yesterday with the massive amount of bombs My Bloody Valentine dropped yesterday. The various reissues that MBV have been promising for so long have been confirmed and Kevin Shields want on to explain why they took so long (which is a batshit insane/awesome story that must be read to be believed). Oh, and Shields said that a new album MBV album and EP should be released by the end of the year. Truly the shoegaze gods have decided to smile and bless us mere mortals.

In all the hubbub, it must not be over looked that an exceptionally awesome unreleased song was released into the world with all this news. "Good For You" is a part of EPs 1988-1991, the various super hard to find releases of the band finished off with a few new goodies. "Good For You" sounds like a outtake from Isn't Anything, and to a certain extent it's understandable why it wasn't released. It's slightly less formed then the perfection standard the band and Shields is known for. However, that does not stop it from being a fucking excellent My Bloody Valentine track. With a bridge riff that sounds like the band reproducing a monster's roar, the song shifts seamlessly into a uptempo and surprisingly directly super catchy shoegaze. It's the best reminder of how wonderful this band is, how perfect they were at blending noise and melody, even with a song that wasn't good enough to be released on an EP.  

Hear "Good for You" here, at Pitchfork


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