Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reighnbeau-Splinters/Saltwoundd Cassingle

Reighnbeau is one of those "secret" bands. The bands that just make music really for themselves and a drive to make. Recording songs at a steady when and wherever they can, putting out CD-Rs and cassettes that really no one gets besides friends and few in the local area. Then one they stop,  everyone wonders what happens to them, and they become a little reference point for a few to remember. And sometimes that's OK, because some bands' music lends it self to that, to be enjoyed and appreciated by just a few.

If Reighnbeau aren't a band like that, they at least make music that sound tracks it beautifully. Usually making music that is equal parts folk and drone (or at least very dark, baritone filled folk), Reighnbeau have crafted something excellent with their new cassingle. With just some well placed drum work and a fuzz petal, Reighnbeau are able to incorporate this beautiful shoegaze though not exactly shoegaze effect to their music that just elevates it to new levels. "Splinters" is just gorgeous in it's bleakness, doing with bent guitar lines and single distortion blasts what shoegaze bands spend entire albums trying to accomplish. Like wise "Saltwoundd" is a just as wonderful slab of swirling melancholy as its flip side counterpart. A little less engulfing from the reduced percussion, but brought to full effect with the perfectly spider like guitar lines and fuzz that kicks its way forward half way through the song.

The cassingle is an too often ignored format, mostly to how horribly it was treated when they first came out. However, they can be used to great effect, as Reighnbeau prove here. I don't know how many  will come out this year, but I do know that Reighnbeau have crafted the first excellent one of the year.


Reighnbeau's Website
Buy the Reighnbeau cassingle from Reighnbeau themselves

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  1. New video for track, Saltwoundd: https://vimeo.com/93346339