Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purity Ring-Obedear

Purity Ring like to take their time with things to get them just right. That's clear from their music, which is hyper produced to perfection with every click, beat, cut up vocal layer, and effect placed perfectly together. It also plays to their live shows, which are minimalistic, but fine tuned to be perfectly entrancing with their effect producing live machine and  the lone analog drum on stage. It even plays out in their output, opting to release songs slowly despite being such a hyped band. 

However, that has changed as Purity Ring's debut LP draws nearer. Titled Shrines, and coming out in July, the band has released the first new taste with "Obedear". "Obedear" is the bands most subdued song yet, trading the pronounced punch of their earlier songs with a quiet sense of mini atmosphere. It's dark and moodier, best represented by the cover art, at once both familiar and warm as well as being different and off in just a right way. Megan James' vocals are even more ethereal here than ever before, if that is even possible. It's the song that everyone wanted to hear Purity Ring release; one that fits perfectly in their too small catalog and solidifying that they are worth every piece of praise that is mounting everyday.

(mp3) Purity Ring-Obedear


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  1. do you know what is the meaning of 'obedear'?

  2. Hi, David. I just cited you in a song review for this site. Thanks for your input. You can see it at our website here! http://songoftheday.co/purity-ring-ohbedear/

  3. "Obedear" ="Oh But dear", from the line "Oh but dear the sky is low" and the ones which follow.

    It took me a while :)

    1. Thank you so much for figuring this out cause I was way too lazy to myself.