Friday, May 4, 2012

Video: Math the Band-Four to Six

This is the proper way to end a Friday. A mega blast of energy drink infused cyber pop punk via Math the Band. Akin to what would happen if Andrew W. K. started making chiptunes, it is a relentless and joyous blast of fuzz guitar blasts and hyper drive keyboards that compress into less then three minutes what it takes entire albums to do. "Four to Six" is Math the Band's most developed song to date, staying close to an emotional core that they sometimes stray from. The vocals of the duo are more important then ever here too, a drop less manic and more intertwined to give more feeling to them. All this soundtracks the video which is a surreal commentary on the work day and feeling trapped. It can all seem a bit insane, but that's sort of the point. And it's a glorious one at that.    


Math the Band's Website
Buy the Four to Six 7" here, from the band

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