Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eternal Summers-Millions

For the past two years, Eternal Summers have been steadily putting out scrappy, lo-fi jangle pop that is wonderful. Their cover of Guided by Voices' "Salty Salute" for the Guided by Guided by Voices cassette is a particular gem. Chances are though you haven't heard it or of Eternal Summers because you would rather put a pencil through your school then hear "Scrappy, lo-fi, jangle pop" no matter how great it is. Shame on you if that is true. However, recently the band collected all their previous material in batch and released it at as Dawn of Eternal Summers. Apparently the band also used that compilation release to start stretching their sound as well.

While "Millions", the first single of the band's new album Correct Behavior isn't that much of a jump from the band's previous work, it certainly feels that way. The production value has shot through the roof, giving the song a sparking intensity to it. The new bassist adds a steadiness and pulse that feels so much more complete than before. Front women Nicole Yun has also received a massive confidence too: her vocals are stronger and more present then ever before and her guitar playing has been amped up leading sweet mini solos spliced through out "Millions". "Millions" might be a sudden leap forward, but it still leads to the same beyond excellent guitar pop the band has been making. It's just in a nice wrapper now.

(mp3) Eternal Summers-Millions


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Pre-order Correct Behavior here, from Kanine Records

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