Thursday, May 24, 2012

Elephant 6 Documentary

This is just way too cool to pass up. For far, far too long their have been rumors in the works of an Elephant 6 documentary to capture the magnificence of these people, their bands, and the incredible music that they make. And always those rumors seem to be for not. Until now. The Elephant 6 documentary is a soon to be thing, and the trailer can be seen above. Watching Bill Doss, Will C. Hart, Robert Schneider, Julian Koster, and everyone else just talking about all this in this little three minute form is magical, and it's rough draft at that. A Kickstart is apparently in the works for the film, and that will be reported on as soon as more info becomes available. Until then, indulge in the magic that was, and will always be The Elephant 6 Orchestra.


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