Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big Wave Riders-Waiting In The Wings

These are the songs I live for. Songs made by bands without any sort of pretense, any desire to live up to some sort of blog expectation or hip sound of now. Instead these bands just make really great, catchy songs that go down like candy bars because they are pure sugar.

That's at least the feeling listening to Big Wave Riders' "Waiting in the Wings". In a simple three minute blast the Helsinki band crafts one of the most addictive songs I've ever heard. It's equal parts pop punk, shoegaze, and indie pop, with a nice coat of mid-fi distortion to make it just that much sweeter. The band manages to throw in so many hooks, coupling surf rock guitar jangle with blurry guitar riffs, perfectly placed "ooos" with snotty-but-joyful lyrics. By the end of "Waiting in the Wings" all of these elements are mushing together, but Big Wave Riders do this so harmoniously that instead of causing any sense of blurring, the band instead winds up effortlessly concluding a pitch perfect song. "Waiting In the Wings" will appear soon on Big Wave Riders debut LP, and I am beyond excited for its release.


Big Wave Riders' Website
Soliti Records

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