Friday, May 25, 2012


This is just incredible. Savages have been making so much buzz on the Internet right now, and I just want to say that hundred percent of it is unquestionably justified. Just one listen to "Husbands" is proof anyone needs of this. Every time I heard this song I just want to scream profanity over how great it is. A dark, tense, explosive, evil, brutal slab of post-punk glory, "Husbands" showcases in just three minutes everything incredible that genre can be. It's as if someone took iceage and Sonic Youth, combined them in a blender, and took what ever unholy concoction that emerged and had it cover Patti Smiths' "Horses".  The most astonishing of all is not only the first recording of Savages, but the B-side to their debut single. One can only imagine what mind bender of a song they will have on the flip side of that single. Until then "Husbands" will be playing ad infinite, its memorizing bass line and spiral guitar work just working deeper into my mind with each listen, like a great evil that cannot be stopped.


Savages' Facebook
Pre-order the "Flying to Berlin" b/w "Husbands" here, from Pop Noire Records

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