Friday, May 18, 2012

Holograms-Chasing My Mind

What's so great about about Captured Tracks is that no matter which band they release next (and there are so many of them), it always seems to make sense. They do have a undercurrent with the sounds to all their bands, but it so loosely defined that it allows for so many different bands to filter through. That's why you can have a great punk band like Stockholm's Holograms on CT, and instead of it being obtuse or strange. Holograms' are an awesome synth punk band out of Stockholm, sort of the answer to what would happen if a slightly gotheir iceage and tried to cover The Spits without the humor. "Chasing My Mind" off their upcoming debut is slightly more manic take of their sound, deciding to use their keyboard at the forefront then as a mood setter like they did with their debut 7". "Chasing My Mind" is pure twitch punk, nervous energy under a coat of treble guitar and murky synth. And yet another winner for Captured Tracks.


Holograms' Website
Pre-order the Holograms' debut LP here, from Captured Tracks

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