Monday, May 7, 2012

VÅR-In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)

It's incredible what a name change can do. For most band's it's mostly due to avoid confusion or legal problems, but other's use it to completely 180 your previous perception of them. Case in point with VÅR, formally WAR, the evil and dark synth project friends Loke and Elias (both leaders of the Polish Danish hardcore/post-hardcore scene), except now I don't know how evil they are anymore. Sure "In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)" still has the same dark and murky synths and melodic static that shaped their previous tunes, but now Elias' vocals have been ramped up in the mix, no longer just another instrument but a force within the song. There's something very beautiful in his very simplistic lyrics of just wanting to be with someone he loves, repeating the song title over and over again.

VÅR translates to "spring", which makes sense now because WAR/VÅR have stepped out of the black winter they inhabited and into something brighter. VÅR represent a compromise or balancing act between two different forms, and "In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)" is proof of how incredible that balancing can pay off. It's fitting that "In Your Arms (Final Fantasy)" is the opening track to Sacred Bones' second compilation of unreleased and new songs, Todos Muere vol. 2. When starting anew, do it in great company.


Buy Todo Muere vol. 2 here, from Sacred Bones Records


  1. "both leaders of the Polish hardcore/post-hardcore scene"
    not polish. Danish

  2. Yep, you're competely right. My mistake.