Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stay Calm-Let Me Clear My Throat

Stay Calm are an anomaly in the indie world. They don't really have a proper website, Tumblr, Bandcamp that will allow you to further ones' knowledge about them or really dive into their music. You know things about them, that they are the Portland equivalent of a supergroup and that they have only played live a few times, but outside of that there is a little out there to grasp onto. They set a sense of mystery in their ascetic without intending or trying.

This also carries over to their music, which is an anomaly as well, in the sense that one cannot possibly hope to pigeon hole it. "Let Me Clear My Throat" expands on everything "Take What You Need" hinted at and completely reworks it to insanely great levels. The band has about three million hooks into, from the pulsating and beautiful bass lines that thunder through out, the chatty lyrics between Explode into Colors' Claudia Meza and Parenthetical Girl's Zac Pennington, and the tension fueled breakdowns that excellently create quiet seeming moments, before Stay Calm leaps back full throttle into the swirling vortex of intense synths and askew drumming. At times "Let Me Clear My Throat" almost seems like a remix, with the way it weaves seamlessly between different sounds, but in turn this style shows off how skilled the band and how much they have control over their sound.

(mp3) Stay Calm-Let Me Clear My Throat (via INTO THE WOODS)


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