Monday, May 21, 2012

Icky Blossoms-Perfect Vision

When the tag "creative synth music" is used, I doubt most people think of Omaha, Nebraska as a hot bed for that stuff. That all might change though solely with the presence of Icky Blossoms on the scene. Formed from remnants of Tilly and the Wall (of the most under appreciated indie pop bands of the past 10 years), and various Omaha scene mainstays, Icky Blossoms have come out of the womb fully formed and coated in reverb. "Perfect Vision" is a pure six minutes of utter synthy bliss, a perfect sandwich of droned out guitar, gorgeous synth lines, and dreary lyrics about doing nothing. It is easily one of the best synthgaze songs I've heard in ages, transcending the 80s sound of so many others and the cliche of summer sunshine instead indulges in druggy atmosphere and the glory of the night. Plus the ingenious move of ending "Perfect Vision" with a blast of brass just cements how timeless it will soon be.

(mp3) Icky Blossoms-Perfect Vision


Icky Blossoms' Website
Pre-order Icky Blossoms s/t debut here, from Saddle Creek Records

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