Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No Joy-Junior

No Joy have reappeared on the music world with a soon to be released new EP (the awesomely titled Negaverse), and the equally excellent new track "Junior". The two years since recording something and heavy touring have apparently streamlined the band. "Junior" is a super speedy track by No Joy standards, the guitars no longer roaring with feedback but quietly buzzing along with the punk like drumming in the back. Gone is the heavy drone based shoegaze of their past, instead crafting something similar to what Weekend are doing now, with a stronger incorporation of vocals to propel the track and what speed can do for a song. With "Junior" No Joy have just reminded everyone that they are one of the best shoegaze bands around, and under appreciated or not, always craft excellent noise pop gems.


No Joy's Facebook
Pre-order Negaverse here, from Mexican Summer

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