Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cold Cave-Oceans With No End

Cold Cave are already coming back from their wonderful "A Little Death to Laugh" 7" from last year, and are apparently going to release a new album very soon. Needless to say, woo! Even better, between that, Deathwish will be releasing the Oceans With No End EP, which will probably give us the best indication of what form the new album will take. The just released title track is more in line with what Cold Cave were making on Cherish the Light Years, with the intensity turned down a notch. The song is still as broading as ever, with the industrial drum beat and parallel distorted guitar to distorted synth lines. It's a near stagnate song, never diving into an explosive, emotive chorus or introduce bombastic instrumentation. Instead, we are give four and half minutes of darkwave bliss, and possibly Cold Cave have come to reproducing a New Order song in their own way.


Cold Cave's Website
Pre-order the Oceans with No End EP here, from Deathwish Inc.

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