Friday, February 8, 2013

Show to See: Blues Control @ Holy Mountain 2/9/13

Due to unfortunate circumstances (the main one being that I'm stuck in San Antonio for the next few months with little opportunity or ability to go to other places), I can't make it to see all the bands I want that constantly flow in and out of Austin. However, that doesn't mean if you live in Austin, you should miss the bands I have to, especially the likes of Blues Control. Blues Control are an excellent, deeply unclassifiable experimental duo who's live shows are a sight to behold as they recreate and twist their compositions before your eyes. See their latest video for "Opium Den/Fade to Blue" for the smallest taste of what one will see live. They'll be playing at the newly opened, 200 capacity Holy Mountain on February 9 with fellow experimentalists Same Sack, Thousand Foot Whale Claw, and Expensive Shit. This will, without a doubt be one of the crazier, more cerebrall shows you will see in the coming months, so don't miss it.

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