Monday, February 25, 2013

Whatever It Is You're Doing Now Cassette Compilation

After a near year long hiatus, one of the best cassette labels around, Mirror Universe, will finally return and in a huge way. They have put together the Whatever It Is You're Doing Now compilation, a massive two cassette, 19 band, 92 minute collection that is nearly completely unreleased songs. Pulling together not only Mirror Universe alumni like Mr. Jenkins or Tapeworms, but the likes of Foot Village, M. Sage, Xander Harris, and even Lust for Youth appear on Whatever It Is You're Doing Now, which lets the compilation do the number one most important thing any compilation should do; introduce as many different bands as possible to those who have not heard them. For instance, the utterly hypnotic, Grass Widows-esque glory that are Southern Femisphere and their song "Transgander (When the Community Went Looking for the Lost Gayzling in the Wood)", four minutes of perfect subdued intensity and post-punk glory that I would not have discovered if not for this release. This is wonderfully put together release, one where you can tell the care and passion that went into it. Get ordering now.    


Pre-order Whatever It Is You're Doing Now here, from Mirror Universe
Southern Femisphere's bandcamp

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