Thursday, February 14, 2013

Youth Lagoon-Mute

"Wow" were the words I think that must have lit up in everyone's mind when they heard the new Youth Lagoon tune "Mute", first as in "Wow, is this really Youth Lagoon?" then "Wow, this track is unbelievably incredible". "Mute" really is that incredible. It comes barreling out of the gate, the guitar chords soaring, hymn like synths swirling around, and powerfully reverb soaked drums that make "Mute" ascend even higher. And this is the intro of the song, as "Mute" dives into its sprawling core, composed of firefly-like synth beeps layered over My Bloody Valentine's "Touched" before the extended guitar solo starts ringing and plays the rest of the song out. "Mute" works so well not only because it shows how will Youth Lagoon is now to experiment with their sound, but by throwing every precedent for how they normally do out the window. The only constant is Trevor Power's airy vocals, but even those fall by the way side half way through the song, letting "Mute" sustain on the creativity swirling inside of it. "Mute" is an utterly lush, gorgeous track that also demonstrates how a band can properly expand stylistically without missing a beat.


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