Friday, February 1, 2013

Video: Iceage-Ecstasy

Their is something ironic in a band like Iceage releasing a track named "Ecstasy". The title invokes a sense of utter happiness and joy, and of all the emotions Iceage tend to evoke with their music, happiness or joy really aren't there. However, watching the video for "Ecstasy" it a makes sense; the track is about release, whether that involves going crazy at a show, being with friends, or burning flowers. The almost collage of images used manage to be very simple and homemade, but also deeply evocative at the same time. It also helps that "Ecstasy" is an utterly incredible track, an insanely twisted post-punk song that manages to be both catchier and more aggressive than anything they have ever made be for. Elias Bender Rønnenfelt's cries of "pressure/pressure!" that make of the song's chorus is an equal cry of rage and anguish that perfectly captures the dual nature of the track. Iceage have been slowly peeling back their stoic rage with their new songs, revealing an angry and pained center to their songs that makes them even more powerful, something makes "Ecstasy" greater than it already is.


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