Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mikal Cronin-Shout It Out

Mikal Cronin has helped make so much music (The Moonhearts, bassist in the Ty Segall Band, the Reverse Shark Attack album), it's sometimes hard to believe he only has one proper solo album to his name, his excellent self-titled affair from 2011. However, that will all change come May thanks to Merge Records with the release of MCII, and if "Shout It Out" is any indication MCII will be even more of the be more of the wonderous jangly psych-garage that Cronin crafted on his debut. "Shout It Out" is two parts bright '60s pop with a sunny acoustic jaunt opening the tone that makes up the verses, and 2 parts garage as the perfect fuzz pedal is hit to launch the song into its distorted chorus. This prominent undercut is what makes "Shout It Out" work so well, as it not only enhances the song's hook, but emphasizes the confusion and dissidence that is captured by the song's lyrics. That, and the fact that Cronin knows how to write a really, really catchy song.


Mikal Cronin's Bandcamp
Pre-order MCII here, from Merge Records

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