Friday, February 1, 2013

Video: Blues Control-Opium Den/Fade to Blue

Blues Control make a strand of deeply hard-to-classify music. A deconstructed mixture of kroutrock, drone, spaced-out electronics, ambient new age, free-jazz, along with tons of other bits and piece of whatever other musical genres they can get their hands on. When you listen to last year's Valley Tangents, it's a bit hard to believe you are listening to the same band on each track, the genre and style hopping being so great, yet threaded in such a way that Blues Control essence manages to be there in every track. Needless to say, when they decided to make a video for "Opium Den/Fade to Blue", it followed an equal amount of progression and 'where did that come from?' styling. The video is a mash of '90s digital art, VHS effects, and the faceless guy from "Spirited Away". Yet some how, some how the video never dives into incomprehensible territory, instead being a trippy, visual representation of the track, the steady progression and twisting the visuals mirroring "Opium Den/Fade to Blue" very spot on.


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