Friday, February 22, 2013

Kurt Vile-Wakin On a Pretty Day

On the surface, it seems pretty absurd that the song that got me to finally pay attention to Kurt Vile is a nine and half minute jam that pretty much never varies during its entire duration, but I think that's a testament to Vile's song writing chops above all else. "Waking On a Pretty Day" (not to be confused with the upcoming album it's on Wakin On a Pretty Daze) is pretty much that; and Vile churning a lovely, jaunty alt-country tune that just goes on and on and on, and I mean that in the best way possible. It's like someone took Pavement's "Range Life", right down to hazy California twang and slacker vocals, and stretched it out even further. Pepper it lovely bits of psychedelic guitar riffs, plus an excellent, noodling outro, and here now is the definition of a breezy tune, one that start listening to, blink, and it ends. And while "Wakin On a Pretty Day" passes by so fast, it still manages to make you want to instantly listen to it over and over again.


Kurt Vile's Website
Pre-order Wakin On a Pretty Daze here, from Matador Records

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