Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heathers-Teenage Cloths

Heathers is a brand new band (which I would have never found if not for Weekly Tape Deck, so shout out to them) that formed when Michael Avishay left Portland (and his band Ghost Animal) to return to LA. Now Avishay has formed Heathers, which switches the noise surf-pop Avishay use to make for clean, breezy, C-86 perfection in every sense. "Teenage Cloths" is just insanely infectious indie-pop perfection, the same jangle addiction that Weed Hounds crafted with "Skating Away from the Cops", minus the shoegaze sheen which is slightly more impressive. Describing earworms is a near pointless endevor though, so just listen to the near three minutes of pop bliss Heatehrs managed to craft, their very first song too.


Heathers' Facebook

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