Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Single Review: Fuzz-This Time I Got A Reason b/w Fuzz's Fourth Dream

Let's get this out of the way. Yes, Fuzz is a brand new project by Ty Segall, on drums and vocals, with bandmate Charlie Moonheart contributing his guitar expertise to the project too. However, their is nothing "reduced" or "lite" to Fuzz or their debut single. Instead, what Segall and Moonheart have crafted here is taken from the vein of Black Sabbath love they expressed on Slaughterhouse, particularly the stoner-garage sludge of "Wave Goodbye".

Not that Fuzz's tunes should be seen as if they were just demos that the duo decided to throw haphazardly on record. No, these two tracks are distinct Ty Segall songs, ones that may be simple in creation and sound, but don't lack an ounce of the energy or intensity he invests in his all his songs. A-Side "This Time I Got a Reason" all exemplifies this, built around Segall's slowed down but still frantic drumming and Moonheart's well...thick, fuzzed out guitar playing that manages to serve the duel nature of giving the song a driving guitar force while also being the track's sludgy, bass backbone. The '70s stoner vibe the band makes is even stronger in B-Side "Fuzz's Fourth Dream", which does sounds like a lo-fi take on "Iron Eye", though the solos Moonheart strategically places through out the track lets the song rise up above generic garage band ripoff to feeling like a lost track from the era. The mini-freakout that helps end the track particularly cements the awesomeness of Fuzz. The fact that Segall isn't lending his distinct guitar playing to this band helps give Fuzz such a distinct sound from his other projects. There's barely any garage influence to Fuzz's sound, instead pulling from a darker, more murky spectrum that gives the project a unquige feel from Segall's other bands. It's awesome that the aggression and energy Segall and co. created on Slaughterhouse was not a one time deal, and has now found its home within Fuzz.


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