Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Premiere: M. Sage-Rain Scanner

It truly is not hyperbole to say that Matthew Sage is one of thee most consistently great, and prolific artists working in the experimental field. He is incredibly hard to pin down, jumping from ambiance, to abstract beat music, to burnt-out indie rock, to straight noise collages, going through just as many monikers (RxRy, Kick Majestic) to do it, and all the while running the cassette/art label Patient Sounds to put it all out in the world. The man mustn't sleep. However, it is (semi) under his own name that M. Sage makes some of his best music.

M. Sage has this talent of stretching and ripping apart audio samples and making them something more. "Rain Scanner", his contribution to Mirror Universe Tapes' outstanding Whatever it is You're Doing Now compilation is no different; while a simple field recording of rain serves as the song's backbone, another sample of a man and women talking is layered on top, but distorted and distant, enhanced by the few words one can actually make out between them. Add to that the perfectly placed drone that echos throughout "Rain Scanner", simmering below the surface, sound tracking the real world sounds of the track. The result is a no less than haunting track that only abstractly makes you aware of the emotions it contains within it, but still makes them feel no less there and heavy than they actually are.


M. Sage's Soundcloud
Patient Sounds' Website
Pre-order Whatever it is You're Doing Now here, from Mirror Universe Tapes

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