Friday, November 5, 2010

No Demons Here-Station (is a Gift)

Remember just a short while ago all the hubba I was making over No Demons Here and the wonderful music Luka was making? Well here now is some more, straight off his upcoming second cassette album In Aluminum Headache. "Station (is a Gift)" is a much darker track, creating an eerie vibe with the monstrous feedback as the base of the song, cuppled with Luka's baritone vocals. At its center though is still the same loss and beauty of No Demon's Here's earlier work. It's kind of like Sonic Youth circa 1987 got compressed into one person and tried to start performing folk songs at an open mic coffee house. Definitely excited for this tape, due out soon on No Demon's Here's own label Croatia Tapes. In the mean time however, all of In Aluminum Headache can be streamed over at No Demons Here's Bandcamp.

(mp3) No Demons Here-Station (is a Gift)

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