Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bands to Care About: No Demons Here

Like every band that is ruling the indie scene these days, you can't love one band without getting into all of their members' various side projects or other musical projects with other members of other cool indie bands. That's the case for Big Troubles, the lo-fi troubadours who's LP is for some reason something I really like yet haven't gotten around to talking about for some very bizarre reason. No Demons here, the pseudonym for Big Troubles and Fluffy Lumbars bassist Luka Usmiani, is another in the list of these bands, like Alex Bleeker and Art Museums before him. And like those artists, No Demons here make lo-fi music in a whole different aspect of what the main band does. With No Demons Here, what comes out is this thick melodic music, triggering instant nostalgia to something in your past because it's the type of music that can do that. At least that's the feel that gets set with nighttime "Every Second Darker". That wonderful song will appear on the band's second cassette tape, In Aluminum Headaches, soon on the band's run Croatia Tapes.

(mp3) No Demons Here-Every Second Darker

The band also has their highly recommended debut cassette Boy Eaten By Things In Water streaming and dowloadable on their Bandcamp, along with a physical cassette form from Croatia Tapes as well. I can also not go without say that the band did an standout split cover of "Wondering Boy Pet/Game of Pricks" on the outstanding Guided By Guided By Voices comp. There is also this cool, also nostalgia inducing video for the track "TV" that could not go unposted.

(mp3) No Demons Here-Wondering Boy Pet/Game Of Pricks


No Demons Here on Myspace
Check out all No Demons Here releases here, at Croatia Tapes

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