Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get Off The Coast Starts Crash Symbols Tapes

One of my favorite blogs, Get Off The Coast, has teamed up with his bud Dwight Pavlovic of Royal Rhino Flying Records to start Crash Symbols, another blog run cassette label. Nothing brings me greater joy when I get news of a blog starting a music label, because all the wonderful music that they have been telling people about for so long can finally bring it to the people in physical form. The first release is a preview of sorts, an digital mix tape titled Dope Mountain Fuck that contains 19 exclusive tracks by all the bands Crash Symbols plans to work with/release in the future. Get Off The Coast has also announced the first three cassettes in the work: the post-punk,tribal, nut job drum work Foot Village's World Fantasy; Hear Hums Psyche Cycles, a trippy synthy multi media project; and, of course, some off-skew pop/chillwave via Beggars in a New Land's Teething EP. Very excited for this brand new project and can't wait to hold these band's cassettes in my hand.

(mp3) Foot Village-Lovers of Iraqis
(mp3) Hear Hums-Change
(mp3) Beggars in a New Land-Barnyard

Dope Mountain Fuck Tracklist:

01 Bummer Sanders - Sunset Funset
02 School Knights - Never Needed
03 Closed Cassette - Alright
04 Wish - Take My Hand
05 D/R/U/G/S - Hathaways
06 Sports - Mind Has Changed
07 Fox Hands - Patella
08 The Fruhstucks - She Doesn't Know
09 Gay Boiz - Mat
10 Kohwi - Hobbies (ft. Mutual Benefit)
11 Great Beer - After Effects
12 Monster Rally - Sun Bum
13 Pariah Carey - Cold Flowers (Pry Them)
14 Pregnant - Dog
15 Mellows - Of Age
16 Cop Magnet - Glossy
17 Foot Village - Energy Hunters (Unicorn Hard-On Mystic Materials Refuck)
18 Beggars in a New Land - A Cool Way To Jog
19 Hear Hums - Mokom Wolos

Stream/Download Dope Mountain Fuck Here

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