Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Am The Dot-We Have Not Arrived

Tom over at Fight The Future cassettes has just sent over the first mp3 for the label's very first release, the I Am the Dot EP Bridges. The six song cassette, with two remixs by fellow label mates Raindeer as well as RxRy, will be dropping very shortly in just one month's time. In the mean time, feed your ears with the wonderful "We Have Not Arrive", which is without a doubt I Am the Dot's best song to date. Picture the front man of Yeasayer trying to cover the new Panda Bear singles and you'll come close to what "We Have Not Arrived" sounds like. I Am the Dot has this wonderful tendency to build in a very quiet way with a brand new part, like a little piano line in the back round, the soar of the brass when it comes in, or the female vocals that come in on certain sections to give it more edge. A refection of life, it has a bit of a haunting quality to it. Not in a dark way, but in a sense it will stay with you long after you stop listening to the track.

(mp3) I am The Dot-We Have Not Arrived


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