Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Burger Record Cassettes

If there has emerged one label to turn to for your garage rock needs, you'd be hard pressed to find as good a source then Burger Records. For almost three years these guys have been issuing some of the best cassettes around, from simply pressing long forgotten classic albums onto high quality tapes like Cleaners from Venus, releasing odds and B-sides like Nobunny's Raw Romance, or dropping the debut albums of the likes of Cosmonauts, Burger has some of the best cassettes in the biz.

King Tuff-Was Dead

King Tuff was and still is the solo outing of Kyle Thomas, best know as the front man of the noisy guitar pop band Happy Birthday. And while that band and subsequent album produced some mind blowingly catchy gems, Was Dead might be Thomas' best work to date. King Tuff manages to mush multiply aspects of multiply subgenres into a wonderfully vital cocktail of post power-pop guitar...pop. Everything from '60s & '70s revival, garage, psychedelia, and '90s indie rock is either touched on or smashed together in as song. The high point being "Freak When I'm Dead", the perfect tongue-in-check tribute to the era.

(mp3) King Tuff-Sun Medallion
(mp3) King Tuff-Connection


The name says it all doesn't it? Modern garage firmly in the Nobunny and Hunx and His Punxs lyrical camp. It is actually a lot better then it seems on the surface, because if you can mange to get past all the the sex there are some quite catchy punk garage tunes incased within this tape. "Bachelor's Life" in particular has all the makings of a Back to the Grave comp classic, on par with Hunx's "U Don't Like Rock N' Roll". The case can be made that this music has been done before, or that the lack of class denotes any musical merit. However, sometimes an insanely catchy, stupid band is the prefect antidote to overtly pretentious art music that doesn't wind up sounding good in the first place. And Cum Stain might just be that antidote.

(mp3) Cum Stain-Bachelor's Life
(mp3) Cum Stain-Just a Kid


King Tuff on Myspace

Cum Stain on Myspace
Buy both cassettes here, from Burger Records

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