Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Hairs-Balding College Girls

On the heels of School Knight's upcoming EP, tracks from Kevin's side project The Hairs have begun to trickle in. The Hairs are Kevin and Alex from Pains of Being Pure of Heart making wonderful little indie guitar nuggets."Balding College Girls" is a perfect example of the band's style, sounding like a more stripped down ca-USE co-Motion! with some Clean-esque kiwi pop thrown in for good measure. It’s something that would be on a $1 indie rock demo cassette found in Goodwill that you can’t believe someone decided to get rid of.

(mp3) The Hairs-Balding College Girls (via Sterogum)

"Duh x 12" is a slightly snotty (or is it silly) song about everything in your life spinning out of control with the same sort of feel of a classic Beat Happening song: sparse and simple, with a bare bones feel but still at the center is a stellar indie rock gems. Both tracks are off the band’s upcoming debut album Birds Shit, Then Sing coming out hopefully soon on Holiday Records.

(mp3) The Hairs-Duh x 12 (via Stereogum)


The Hair’s on Myspace
Holiday Record’s Website

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