Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Benjamin Shaw Is a Rumfucker (At Least on Album)

Last year, Benjamin Shaw released the very cool, creative, and horribly under appreciated debut EP on the very cool, creative, and horribly under appreciated Audio Anti-Hero. Now he's at it again, this time, self-releasing it onto the interwebs first. Rumfucker is nothing like the I've Got The Pox, or for that matter, almost anything Shaw has done in the past. Crafted in a self-imposed time limit of one month, the eight tracks here are largely piano based layered with perfectly inserted noise and noise collages, prodding and tinkering to make quite wonderful ambiance that still somehow manage to convey the same scope of emotions that has been displayed in all of Shaw's previous work. While, it does take a little adjusting to the such style shift and Shaw's previous folky undertakings, the mini-album that Rumfucker can still comfortably next to those M. Pyres tapes released earlier this year as creative endeavor into ambiance coupled with each band's own unique take on the genre, along with including their own musical style as well, in this case being pain and sadness from being drunk at 3 AM.

(mp3) Benjamin Shaw-Snookering You Tonight
(mp3) Benjamin Shaw-Johnny Come Home


Benjamin Shaw's Website

Hear and Dowload all of Rumfucker here, at Benjmain Shaw's Bandcamp

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