Thursday, November 11, 2010

Video: Earth Girl Helen Brown-Story of An Earth Girl

For those who didn't hear, Sonny Smith of Sonny & the Sunsets fame, created one of the the most original art projects in San Francisco. Sonny asked artist friends of his to make the cover art for 100 different 7 inches of 100 fictional bands that Sonny had made up. Sonny then made music for each of these bands, pressed the tunes into vinyl, and displayed the whole project at an art museum, complete with a jukebox that played every single. One of the made up bands was Earth Girl Helen Brown, and now Sonny has decided to expand on this band with the help of members of The Sandwiches and Thee Oh Sees. "Story of an Earth Girl" is a wonderful quasi spoken word/stream of conscience song about Martains and space travel with a little psychedelia splashed in as well. The video is also a wonderfully cool and colorful paper cut out video that could be my favorite of the year. Little is known about this band for now, but more music, including a full album, and details are expected soon.


Sonny and the Sunsets' website

Information about the Earth Girl Helen Brown Single at 100 Records

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