Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Am The Dot-Formaldehyde

All the official news of Fight the Future's first release has finally come to light. I Am the Dot's debut cassette EP Bridges will be coming out later this month. The news also comes coupled with a brand new track from the EP. "Formaldehyde" really conveys the type of music that I Am the Dot those, i.e. constant genre switching. "Formaldehyde" is miles away from the off kilter pop that was "We Have Not Arrived". Instead "Formaldehyde" comes off as a lost studio session from Beck's Midnite Vultures album, completely covered in deep R&B style singing and a groovy little synth, even going so far to include soulful yelps in the song as well. It's almost a complete 180, though for anyone who has paid attention to all the different styles I Am the Dot has covered in his Bandcamp EPs, it's just another step in the right direction.

(mp3) I Am The Dot-Formaldehyde

Bridges Track List:

1. We Have Not Arrived
2. Honey and Vinegar
3. Formaldehyde
4. River of Solitude (Hades Revisited)
5. Quantum Thought (Raindeer Remix)
6. LQD GLD (Liquid Gold RxRy Remix)


I Am The Dot Bandcamp Page

Pre-order Bridges here, from Fight The Future

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