Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Kiss Off: COOLRUNNINGS-Road To Nowhere

Today, I have left for a Thanksgiving trip to the hub of all indie music, New York City! I cannot say how excited I am for this and will be indulging in everything the city has to offer, as well as keeping a tally of how many hipsters I see (I'm guessing about 1,000). So due to this situation of being cut of from a computer for a week, and a belief that people will probably want to do something better then read blogs over Thanksgiving, I will be leaving with a small little present. COOLRUNNINGS did a cover awhile back of "Road to Nowhere", one of the greatest and most under appreciated Talking Heads song of all time. Coolrunnings' more synth take on the track still has the same wonderful emotion and fun heartbreak of the original, with an added bonus of incorporating very cool Gauntlet Hair like guitars in as well. There is not a better song to leave people with on these increasingly darkening nights, for what other band could have made so such a sing a long about death?

(mp3) COOLRUNNINGS-Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads Cover)

And for those who have never seen the utterly creative, artistic, and surreal video...


Coolrunnings' Webpage

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