Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cloud Nothings-Understand at All

As I have talked about repeatedly, Cloud Nothings are a prolific bunch and will be dropping their debut album on Carpark in late January. "Understand At All" is the first single off the album and is noticeably without any of the wonderful lo-fi quality that got them all the attention in the first place. It has been all cleared up to prestine perfection and what's left is a FIZZ guitar blast of the same mind blowing infectious tunes that Cloud Nothings have been pumping out non-stop now for over a year. If "Understand At All" is any indication for what Cloud Nothings future is going to sound like" Cloud Nothings' debut is shaping up to to be one of the most anticipated releases of next year, at least for me.


Cloud Nothings on Myspace

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